Dear Friend,

I am Anita Hutton Larson, and this is me on one of the happiest days of my life! It was July 12th, 2003, the day I married the love of my life partner! But to back the story up a few years prior, things weren't always roses and sunshine for me. I went through a surprising divorce while pregnant and a second unsuccessful relationship that left me holding the diaper bag. I found myself a single mom with five kids and not much income.
I had been a stay at home mom through most of my marriage so I didn't have a lot of skills to acquire a high paying job. The bills were mounting and I was finding myself worried and feeling alone. One thing I did know was that it was time to really put into gear all the money making and creating abundance techniques that I had a knowing of. I had read and studied much on the subject but I had put that valuable knowledge aside when I became busy with a family. I began to study further the power of the mind and I put the Law of Attraction into motion. Things suddenly began to turn around for me. I manifested money and attracted a person who fits with who I am and, as if by magic, countless other surprises and goodies began to show up. I now live a happy, joyful and successful life! Today I share with you the basic, easy to understand, fun techniques that can be implemented quickly. Beginning this very moment, no matter what situation you are in, you can start changing your life around. The only thing required of you is to get started now and I created the book to help you do that!

Here's to the power of creating and manifesting magic! ~Cheers~
Anita Hutton Larson


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